Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Architecture-Design House

Yesterday an architecture called Kris Wilson came and talked to us about sustainable and evnviromentally friendly buildings and structures.
It was really interesting and we learned alot about what we will need on our island. If you want to build a house or something it is best to use low energy items. That means that there should be not so much effort put into things I think!!
Solar panelling is a good idea and also grey water systems which are not so popular as normal water products. When you are on a bulding site you collect a lot of waste like timber cut offs and blocks you didnt need. This is not goos for the enviroment and sometimes can cause pollution.
Here is a picture of a house that Kris designed. Pretty cool.

Lilrocsta :)


  1. Hi lilrocsta, great you have refered back to your notes! things like grey water systems and cut off waste have obviously come from your Dot Jot notes:)

    ps. Kris is an architect, he designs architecture;)

  2. Oops! Sorry I wash in a bit of a rush!!!